Tim Hansen is a composer caught between colliding worlds - live theatre and contemporary music. Passionately drawn to both from childhood, Tim now cheerfully leaps from one to the other, creating and performing works that would be equally at home in either a concert hall or under a proscenium arch.

His diverse talents have resulted in an eclectic career, and he regularly works as a composer, cabaret performer, music director, pianist, actor and tutor.

Tim’s music is theatrical and evocative, full of bold contrasts and surprising transformations. At the core of his work is a zeal for drama.

In his compositions, Tim fuses theatrical expression with startling juxtapositions of harmony, rhythm and timbre. The result is music that is relentlessly punchy, quietly introspective, or even laugh-out-loud funny, often all within the same piece. Regardless, listeners will find it hard to resist being swept away by their imaginations during one of Tim’s vividly evocative works.

"...the sounds will speak for themselves...Tim Hansen's background in theatre being revealed so wonderfully well... full of sharp contrasts and quirky rhythms..."ABC Classic FM 16th April 2007

"Tim Hansen is that sort of versatile person to whom you can say:  'Compose me a … ', or 'Play me a …'  and he can and he does." ArtSoundFM 29th November 2009

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